Solar Powered Lighting System

Solar Powered Lighting System

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Product Description


LED Lighting’s solar lighting system is a simple, safe, cost effective way to bring light to your home without the use of AC electricity. This system can be used for the home, office, sheds, garages and more. It is a great asset to any home in preparing for a natural disaster.

Product Specifications: 

·      TYPE:Solar Powered LED lighting kit

·      SOLAR CHARGING PANEL:6V * 3W Laminated panel

·      BATTERY:Lithium rechargeable battery 3.7v/4000ma

·      BULBS2 * 3W

·      CHARGING TIME: > 8 Hours

·      WORKING MODE:12+ hours

·      LIFE SPAN:3-5 Years

-      Solar LED Lighting System can be used anywhere there is not lighting and sun. It is great for home emergency use, no electricity room, outdoor camping lighting, far way mountain use. This can be used indoor or outdoor and the solar panel can be wall mounted or ground installed.