20W Solar Powered LED Plaza Light

20W Solar Powered LED Plaza Light

Code: SSLL12-20



Product Description


Our 20w Solar Powered LED Plaza Light is a high efficient product that will be an excellent light source wherever it is installed. This product delivers bright lighting at half the energy of traditional incandescent light products. The 20w Solar LED Plaza Light is completely wireless making it easy to use and simple to install. Great product for parks, pathways, malls and more!

Product specifications:

·       TYPE: 20W Solar Powered LED Plaza Light

·       CODE: SSLL12-20

·       RATED WATTS: 20w

·       LUMENS: 2400lm

·       BATTERY: 115w rechargeable Li-ion battery

·       SOLAR PANEL: 18.5w monocrystalline silicon 

·       CHARGING TIME: 7-8 hours by bright sunlight

·       COLOR RANGE: 5700K / 6500K

·       INSTALL HEIGHT: 10-13 ½ feet

·       WEIGHT: 35.2 lbs

·       WORKING TEMPERATURE: -22*- +120* F

·       WORKING TIME: 4-7 nights

·       WORKING MODE: remote control, timer or dusk to dawn activation

·       WARRANTY: 2 years

·       IP: IP65 waterproof


- PRODUCT: 20” L x 20” W x 6.3” H (in.)

- SHIPPING: 22” L x 22” W x 8.2” D (in.)

·       APPLICATIONS: plazas, parks, malls and more!

·       MATERIAL: aluminum alloy & ABS 

·       OPTIONAL: motion sensor