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LED solar traffic safety push button crosswalk system is an environmental protection traffic signage, it is built with a unique aluminum alloy board and solar board combined together. This crosswalk sign will increase visibility for drivers on the road or in shopping centers with its bright blinking (flashing) LED lights. Solar LED Traffic Safety Sign can be used on streets, in parking lots and more. Since these are solar powered, they can be used anywhere there is sun light. This product is very simple to install and use. Using flashing traffic signage helps avoid and prevent fatal car crashes, severe injury, and vehicle damage. The bright blinking lights intensify and augment visibility at all times (both day and night) and under all weather conditions. Our solar powered LED blinking crosswalk sign with push button is visible from more than 2500 feet away. Increased visibility ensures increased pedestrian and driver safety. An upgraded battery available for longer battery charges through the winter months. A great addition to any area to increase pedestrian safety.