25mph Speed Limit Sign

25mph Speed Limit Sign

Code: CSPD001-025



Product Description


Our Solar LED Flashing Speed Limit Sign (MPH) is a bright and energy efficient traffic sign that is built for durability and will increase driver awareness wherever it is placed! Made to MUTCD specifications and includes a 5W solar panel, junction box (with built-in rechargeable battery), MPH sign and mounting brackets. An ideal addition to school zones, shopping centers and other high-risk areas!

Product Specifications:

·     TYPE:25mph Solar Traffic Safety Sign

·     CODE: CSPD001-025

·     SOLAR PANEL: 12V, 5W monocrystalline silicone

·     BATTERY: 7.4V Lithium battery 4400 AH

·     BATTERY SPAN: 3-5 years

·     WORKING TIME: After one full charge, 5-7 consecutive days

·     WORKING MODE: 24/7 or Dusk to Dawn

-       OPTIONAL: Timer activation (+$100)

·     VISIBLE DISTANCE: >2500 feet


-       PRODUCTS: 18" (W) x 24" (H) inches (rectangle)

-       SHIPPING: 26” (W) x 26” (H) x 6” (D) inches

·     WEIGHT: 10lbs (without junction box)

·     SIGN COLOR: White

·     LED LIGHT COLOR: White


·     STANDARD: Engineer grade reflective sheeting

-      OPTION: Diamond grade






·     Solar panel

·     Junction box (holds motherboard and rechargeable battery)

·     Sign

·     Mounting hardware

The CSPD001-020 adheres to the MUTCD standards found within MUTCD guidelines Section 2A.07 for Retro-reflectivity and Illumination


·     Illumination of a sign by Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

·     Sign Element to be Illuminated: (1) Symbol or word message (2) Portions of the sign border

·     LED's are placed within 1 border unit of border

·     LED's are same color as sign background

·     LED's are within 1/4" in width

·     LED's flashing at a rate of 50 times per minute

·     Background of sign is standard 3M reflective engineering grade material