40W Solar Power LED Parking Lot Light

40W Solar Power LED Parking Lot Light

Code: SSLL30-040



Product Description

The 40w Solar Powered LED Parking Lot Light is a very bright and energy effecient light product. Built with a solar rechargeable battery, intigrated solar panel and highly luminous LED lights. This light is sleek in design, simple to install and easy to use. Great for parking lots, malls and more!

Product specifications:


·      TYPE:40W Solar Powered LED Parking Lot Light

·      PRODUCT CODE:SSLL30-040

·      RATED WATTS: 40w

·      LUMENS: 4800lm

·      COLOR RANGE: 6500K

·      WORKING TEMPERATURE: -22*- +113* F


·  (Red) 1. 30% all night: when motion activated increases to full brightness

·  (Green) 2. Works at 100% brightness for 1st 5hrs of night, then powers down to work at 25% brightness (full brightness when motion activated)

·  (Orange) 3. Works at 70% brightness all night (until battery runs out)

·      CHARGING TIME: 10 hours by Bright Sunlight

·      WARRANTY: 3 Years

·      INSTALL HEIGHT: 13ft – 20ft

·      SOLAR PANEL: 30.6W Monocrystalline Silicon

·      BATTERY: 70Ah, 3.7V


  -  PRODUCT: 37.9” L x 11.9” W x 3.3” H inches

  -  SHIPPING: 42” L x 13.7” W x 16.4” H inches

  -  BRACKET SIZE: 13.77” L x 11.8” W x 9” H inches

·      APPLICATIONS: Parking Lots, Parks, Malls and More!

·      MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy and PC

·      WEIGHT: 40lb

·      OPTIONS: Motion Sensor Available

*RECOMMENDED POLE DIAMETER: 2 3/8" Round (Bracket: 5 1/2" Deep)