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1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
    1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
    Purchase 1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
    • SKU: C8FG29
      1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light

    • $199.99

      Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds

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    Our 1980lm Solar Powered LED Flagpole lights are energy efficient and very luminous. This product is equipped with a solar rechargeable battery, making these lights easy to install and use. These 1980lm Solar LED flagpole lights are ideal for properly lighting flags and can be angled for up lighting or down lighting but can be used for gardens and much more! 




    ·     TYPE: 1980lm Solar Powered LED Flagpole light

    ·     RATED WATTS: 1W Per Light (9W Total)

    ·     LUMENS: 1980lm (bright mode) 

    ·     SOLAR PANEL: 6V 16w

    ·     COLOR RANGE: Standard 5000K (clear/ white) or 3000K available upon request

    ·     WORKING MODE: dusk to dawn (activated when sun goes down & includes push button)

    ·     BATTERY: 3.7V 18,000mA lithium rechargeable battery

    ·     WORKING TIME: up to 12 hours when fully charged

    ·     BATTERY LIFE: 3-5 years

    ·    WIND RATING: 50 to 65 MPH

    ·     DIMENSIONS:

    -      SOLAR PANEL: 13 3/8” W x 9 ¼ “ H x 1 ¾” D 

    -      SHIPPING: 15” W x 4 ½” H x 14” D 

    ·     APPLICATIONS: on pole to illuminate flags, gardens and more!

    ·     MATERIAL: aluminum head, die cast aluminum frame, stainless steel hook & glass panel

    ·     HARDWARE: comes with all required mounting accessories including installation tool

    ·     IP RATING: IP65 

    ·    WARRANTY: 1 Year

    ·    POLE SIZE: The included band bracket will fit on any pole between 2 3/8” to 6” in size



    ·     AC/DC ADAPTER

    ·     INPUT: AC100-240V ~ 50/60Hz

    ·     OUTPUT: DC5V - 4A

    ·     CORD LENGTH: 4 Feet


    Q: Do I need to charge the solar panel/rechargeable battery before using it?

    A: Yes. Take the solar panel/battery unit and lay it out in bright sunshine for 2 full days of bright sunlight (ex. No cloudy weather, no shade etc.) to receive an initial charge before installation. Make sure the unit is “off” when charging (button compressed “in” = “off” position) and is not connected to the fixture heads. After charging is complete, you can turn “on” the unit by clicking the button so it is no longer compressed and is sticking out. Then securely connect the fixture heads to the unit.

    Q: My lights are flashing, what does this mean?

    A: The battery is not sufficiently charged or the solar panel/battery unit may need to be replaced.

    Q: Why isn’t my light lasting the whole night?

    A: This unit is not receiving a strong enough charge during the daylight hours. This may be caused by poor panel placement, obstructions/shade, cloudy weather or dirty panel. Adjusting these issues typically solves it.

    Q: I charged my unit for 2 days but it has never turned on. Why?

    A: For the initial charge and operation, the unit must be placed in bright sunlight outside (ex. no cloudy weather, no shade etc.) with the panel/battery unit turned “off” and disconnected from the fixture heads. To turn “on” the unit, please click the button so it is no longer compressed and is sticking out. Then securely connect the fixture heads to the unit.

    Q: Would any pole work with this light fixture?

    A: We offer hardware that fits any pole between 2 3/8” to 6” in diameter. You can use larger steel bands on a larger diameter pole. We recommend this fixture for poles that are 25-30 ft.

    Q: What is the difference between the 5000K and 3000K versions?

    A: The 5000K color temperature light fixture comes standard with the 1980lm light and features a cool/bright white light tone, while the 3000K option features a warm white light tone.

    Q: How bright is the light?

    A: The light is 1980 lumens. The higher the fixture’s lumen rating is the brighter the light’s appearance is.

    Q: Why is there a Double Solar Panel option?

    A: We have that option for our customers who live in areas where sunshine is not always plentiful. The additional panel allows the batteries to recharge quicker with limited sunshine.

    Q: Can this flagpole light be AC powered?

    A: Yes! You can purchase an AC powered version.

    Q: What does the flagpole light come with?

    A: Our standard 1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light includes: 3 LED fixture heads, 1 solar panel/rechargeable battery unit, 4 arm mounts, and 4 steel bands.

    Q: Do you have a video featuring the light?

    A: Yes, we have an un-boxing video for you to reference on our YouTube channel and under the product listing on our website.

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    Verified Buyer
    1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light With 2 solar panels
    Rey (Cabot, Arkansas) | June 18th, 2022
    The lights work GREAT! My flag looks beautiful at night! However, I would rate this product a 3 & this is pushing it. Here’s why: My pole was a NOT as wide. It required me to do a lot of creative rigging to make it fit secured on the pole. But the main thing was the metal bars with 4 screws that hold on to the solar panels; the screws don’t grip at all & the solar panel was not properly secured. Again, it required me having to do creative rigging to make sure the panels were secured. This product for me, had many discrepancies & needs improvements for the cost.
    Verified Buyer
    1980lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
    Michael Neeley (Indiana) | September 14th, 2021
    Recently purchased this product and it was as advertised. We have a 20' flagpole and it lights up to the top and looks great. Would purchase this product again and highly recommend it.
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome Light
    Mike (Blue Springs Missouri) | March 26th, 2021
    We could not have asked for a better outcome after installing this light. Easy to install and provides perfect light for our 25' flag pole.
    Verified Buyer
    Charles Harper (TX) | February 18th, 2021
    Recently purchased this solar LED flag pole light, and it is a great enhancement to my flag system. The LED lights are very bright and when aligned properly illuminate the flags and make them glow, I have had three neighbors comment on them already. The installation was easy and did it before our big ice storm in Texas and the solar panel kept the flag lit even during the power outages. The unit has cast bulb housing, and stainless brackets for long life. A great product and well designed and engineered for a 360 degree lighted experience. I am ordering another system for my other flagpole. Great work to the team who designed and engineered this, every flagpole should have one....only one word for this product ... WOW
    Verified Buyer
    GREAT Light!
    LuAnn Gallagher (WI) | December 29th, 2020
    I ordered this light with skepticism, thinking it would be another solar product that would not live up to the hype. I was WRONG!!! This light is powerful and does a beautiful job of lighting the flag. I have a 25 foot setup. The straps are long enough to get around any flag pole. Ease of installation is great. We have had snowfall, and that has not been a problem at all. My Son, who knows it all, even commented on how well it lit the flag. He will be getting one for his front yard flag pole for Christmas. I thought, I had an issue when it arrived, but customer service took care of explaining the product and all was well, no issue after all. Just order this and you will be very pleased.

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    Our LED Lighting Solutions’ 1980lm Solar Powered LED Flagpole light is a very cost efficient lighting solution for up-lighting or down-lighting displays such as an American flag. This light is very easy to use and requires no wiring. The bright LED’s aide in properly illuminating flags on display, particularly on flag poles, but can also be used in gardens and a variety of other ways. The 1980lm flagpole light has an integrated solar rechargeable battery that repowers its charge through the solar panel provided. The flagpole light is easily mounted to flag poles and is a low maintenance and environmentally friendly lighting solution for outdoor flags, statues and more. The 1980lm Solar Powered LED Flagpole light is designed with a 180-degree pivoting mounting bracket that can be used as either an uplight or downlight. This flagpole light comes with the flagpole mounting bracket and all required hardware needed to fasten the LED light to the pole. This product is easy to put together and simple to install making it a go-to for illuminating American flags on poles.