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30" Solar Powered Flashing LED Octagon Stop Sign
    30" Solar Powered Flashing LED Octagon Stop Sign
    Purchase 30" Solar Powered Flashing LED Octagon Stop Sign
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      30" Solar Powered Flashing LED Octagon Stop Sign

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    Stop Sign,Solar Powered Flashing, MUTCD Compliant Reflective Street Sign, 30" x 30", Outdoor Use, UV Protective, Weather Proof, Made by LED Lighting Solutions, USA Made.

    Our LED flashing Stop Sign is part of our Solar Traffic and Safety series. This sign is composed of Bright Flashing LED lights, Reflective 3M material, Aluminum alloy board and Solar board, which is made to MUTCD (R1-1) specifications and can be seen from over 2500ft. These signs are used to actively warn drivers that there is a Stop Sign and that they need to come to a complete stop. Join hundreds of cities, municipalities, companies, and industries using Solar Flashing Stop Signs and help reduce accidents in your area.


    TYPE: Solar LED 30” Stop Sign


    MUTCD CODE: R1-1

    STANDARD: 15W/18V

    UPGRADED: 25W/18V



    STANDARD: Lithium battery 12V/7200mAH

    UPGRADED: Lithium battery 12V/10000mAH

    WORKING MODE: 24/7 or Bluetooth controlled via 'TT Solar' Android App (Timer Function) -> DOWNLOAD APP


    ·      Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

    ·      Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting

    VISIBLE DISTANCE: >2500 feet
    WORKING TIME: After one full charge, 5-7 consecutive days 

    BATTERY LIFE SPAN: 3-5 Years 


    ·      SIGN: 30-inch Diamond (30"x30") 

    ·      CONTROL BOX: 13.75" x 12" x 1.75"

    WARRANTY: 3 Year Full Warranty

    APPLICATIONS: Streets, Parking Lots and more

    MOUNTING: We recommend Telespar Square Galvanized Steel Break Away Posts - *STANDARD HARDWARE: FITS 3" to 4" DIAMETER POSTS*

    The CSTP001 adheres to the MUTCD standards found within MUTCD guidelines Section 2A.07 for Retro-reflectivity and Illumination

    Illumination of a sign by Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

    Sign Element to be Illuminated: (1) Symbol or word message (2) Portions of the sign border

    LED's are placed within 1 border unit of border and within words

    LED's are red in color

    LED's are within 1/4" in width

    LED's flashing at a rate of 50 times per minute

    Background of sign is standard 3M reflective engineering grade material


    Q: What is the difference between Engineer Grade and Diamond Grade?

    A: Engineer Grade sheeting comes standard on the sign and uses glass beads or prismatic optical technology to reflect light. The Diamond Grade sheeting option offers superior reflectivity for short and long distances. 

    Q: Would any pole work with this sign?

    A: We offer hardware that fits up to a 4” round pole for our Legacy series flashing signs. Our new slim line, Helios Series does not come with hardware, but BOTH styles are easy to install and compatible with any standard traffic post (Telspar, u-channel, round straight, etc.). 

    Q: Can the sign be AC powered?

    A: Yes! It can be either AC or Solar with Solar power being our most popular and standard stock option. 

    Q: Do you have a video of the sign operating?

    A: Yes, we have several set-up and un-boxing videos on our YouTube channel and under the product listing on our website. 

    Q: Where is the connector cord on the sign?

    A: The connector cord comes out from the top/side of the sign unit.

    Q: What is the operational expectancy for each sign series?

    A: Both our sign series solar versions are expected to operate fully for 3-5 years (depending on environment and usage). The solar panel/control box then can be replaced to give the sign an additional 3-5 years working expectancy.

    Q: Can I order a custom sign?

    A: We offer custom signs on both our Legacy signs and Helios Series. 



    Q: Do the solar panel/control boxes work immediately or do they have to charge up first?

    A: Like all solar products, they are made with a rechargeable battery that will need to be laid in bright sunshine to obtain an initial charge before operation. Once the control box has been charged for 2 full sunny days, it can be activated for use with the traffic sign. 

    Q: Where is the solar panel mounted?

    A: We recommend mounting it as high as you can on your signpost facing optimal sunlight and best distance to connect to the sign. 

    Q: How easy is it to hook up the solar powered signs?

    A: Very easy! Our solar LED signs are designed to be “plug and play” with minimal set-up. After the solar control box has completed its initial charge, the sign and control box can be installed. Then the 2 cords connect and are good to operate from there. 



    Q: Can this sign be turned on and off with an app or laptop?

    A: Yes. We offer an app for Android users that can operate the sign’s solar control box via Bluetooth app with on/off functions, and timer options. It must be a device that supports APK files, and the user must be within 55ft to manage changes.

    Q: Does the solar sign have an App for iPhone/iOS?

    A: No, only Android/APK file compatible devices for now. We are in development for an iOS/iPhone app. The standard solar box that accompanies this product will operate 24/7 factory standard, and any adjustments can only be made with the Android (APK) app.

    Q: Does the solar sign shut off in the daytime?

    A: Standard operation for the solar Bluetooth control box will be 24 hours unless adjusted within the Android phone/tablet app.

    Q: Can I program it to function at specific times or just come on after dark?

    A: The functionality and operation times can be adjusted with the programmable timer via the free Android app.

    Q: What flash pattern does the sign use?

    A: The sign features a single-pulse flash pattern within the MUTCD frequency requirements of 50 to 60 flashes per minute to avoid epileptic issues and other optical issues.

    Overview Video:
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    5.00/5 Stars out of 3 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    Jacquie (San Francisco) | May 20th, 2019
    Very well made and illumination at the hazardous intersections our drivers come into contact in our yard. Has helped with the traffic we encounter on day to day business at our location. Install was accomplished with ease. Thanks to the company-we will be adding many more to our location.
    Verified Buyer
    Superintendent of Public Works
    Robert K (Roselle Park NJ,) | April 24th, 2019
    The Borough has ordered numerous signs and could not be happier with the results. They are very well made, and have withstood a harsh winter with no loss of power or brightness. Install was accomplished with ease. The residents of the Borough are also giving praise to the illumination at the hazardous intersections they are posted at. Once again-thanks to the company-we will be adding many more to the Borough in the future without hesitation.
    Verified Buyer
    Sales Guy
    Ben K. (Las Vegas, Nv) | April 22nd, 2019
    I have sold several of the 24" LED Solar Stop Signs to my customers, they use them in remote area's that would be very expensive to get power to those locations. They are very happy with them and have ordered several times. They also have ordered 30" Pedestrian Crossing signs too.

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    LED Lighting Solution’s solar powered flashing LED stop sign offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to increase safety at any intersection or pedestrian crosswalk. These flashing LED stop signs can be used in a wide variety of locations including (but not limited to): streets, school zones, construction zones, parking lots, commercial areas, the site of a new stop sign, or any location where an ordinary static stop sign is not easily seen. Solar powered flashing LED stop signs are an inexpensive, time saving approach to increase safety at busy intersections, and high-speed or winding roads. Using flashing traffic signage helps avoid and prevent fatal car crashes, severe injury, and vehicle damage. The bright blinking lights intensify and augment visibility at all times (both day and night) and under all weather conditions. Our solar powered LED blinking stop sign is visible from more than 2500 feet away. Increased visibility ensures increased pedestrian and driver safety. Our solar powered stop sign uniquely combines an aluminum alloy board and a solar board, in order to maximize durability, functionality, and efficiency. Because this LED stop sign is solar powered, it can function in any area that is exposed to sunlight. Our solar powered flashing stop signs are very accessible, easy to install, simple to use, and can work for up to 5-7 days after one full charge. LED technology is the most cost efficient option. LED technology effectively decreases overall energy expenditure and operation cost. Each solar powered LED blinking stop sign can be programmed to operate for either: 24 hours a day or 12 hours a day.