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8" Metal Flashing LED Warning Beacon
    8" Metal Flashing LED Warning Beacon
    Purchase 8" Metal Flashing LED Warning Beacon
    • SKU: CFLBC08-MH
      8" Metal Flashing LED Warning Beacon

    • $699.99

      Shipping Weight: 12.00 pounds

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    The 8” Metal Flashing LED Warning Beacon features a black metal housing to help protect the beacon for a lifetime of use. This solar powered flashing strobe light gives advanced warning to drivers on the road or in shopping centers with its bright blinking LED lights. Available in yellow or red, it will flash 24/7 out of the box. Timing and dimming adjustments can be made with the use of the available free Bluetooth Android app, TT Solar. Each beacon system includes a beacon, an all-in-one solar panel/control box with batteries, a beacon blinder and mounting hardware.


    TYPE: 8" Metal Flashing LED Warning Beacon
    HOUSING: Black Metal lAluminum Housing
    LED COLOR: Yellow or Red
    SOLAR PANEL: 15W/18V
    BATTERY: 12V/7200mAH
    CONTROL BOX SIZE: 15" x 13.75" x 1.75"
    WORKING MODE: 24/7 or Bluetooth controlled via 'TT Solar' Android App (Timer and Dimming Function)


    Q: What beacon color options are there?

    A:   Amber or red beacons are available.


    Q: Does the beacon come with a pole?

    A: No, our beacon pricing does not include posts. However, we do offer various pole options. 


    Q: Can this work with a flashing sign?

    A: Yes, this beacon system can work with a flashing sign but will require a custom setup and there will require a lead time.


    Q: Do you offer AC powered beacons?

    A: Yes! We do offer AC powered beacons in addition to our solar powered option. 


    Q: What is the working mode?

    A: The beacons will work 24/7 out of the box. They do have an option to be timer controlled with the use of our app on an Android device.


    Q: How long will it last on a full charge?

    A: The beacon will last up to 12 hours on a full charge. 


    Q: How easy is it to hook up the solar powered beacon?

    A: Very easy! The metal housing beacons are designed to be “plug and play” with minimal setup. After the solar panel/control box has completed its initial charge, the beacon and control box can be installed. Then the 2 cords connect, and the system is ready to operate. 


    Q: How do you mount this beacon?

    A: Metal sliders and bands are supplied with the system. Installation includes inserting the bands into the sliders, then attaching the sliders to the back of the beacon. You can then tighten the bands around your post.


    Q: Where is the solar panel/control box mounted?

    A: We recommend mounting it as high as you can on the post, facing optimal sunlight and best distance to connect to the sign. 


    Q: Can the beacon be turned on and off with an app or laptop?

    A: Yes. We offer a free app for Android users that can operate the beacon’s solar panel/control box via Bluetooth app with on/off functions, timer options and dimming options. It must be a device that supports APK files, and the user must be within 55 ft to manage changes. 


    Q: Is there an iPhone/iOS app available to use with this beacon?

    A: No, only Android/APK file compatible devices for now. We are in development for an iOS/iPhone app. The standard solar panel/control box that accompanies this product will operate 24/7 factory standard, and any adjustments can only be made with the Android (APK) app. 


    Q: Does the beacon shut off at a certain time?

    A: Standard operation for the solar Bluetooth control box will be 24 hours unless adjusted with the Android phone/tablet app. 


    Q: Can I program it to function at specific times or just come on after dark?

    A: Operation times and dimming can be adjusted with the programmable timer via the free Bluetooth Android device app. 


    Q: Can this work with a flashing sign?

    A: Yes, this beacon system can work with a flashing sign but will require a custom setup which will require a lead time.


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