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810lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
    810lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
    Purchase 810lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light
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      810lm Solar LED Flag Pole Light

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    This Solar LED Flag Pole Lighting System is ideal for properly illuminating flags. The lights can be adjusted to aim as desired and are also great for lighting gardens and much more! This product is equipped with a solar rechargeable internal battery, making these light very easy to use and simple to install. This product uses ultra-bright LED's and comes in a pack of 3 with a total of 810 Lumens (270lm per light).

    Product Specifications:

    TYPE: 3 x 270lm Flag Pole Light (810lm)


    SOLAR CHARGING PANEL: 5volt 420mAh solar panel

    BATTERIES: 3 x 1.2volt 2000mAh Ni-MH


    ·     Per Light: 270 LM

    ·     Total: 810 LM

    WORKING MODE: Dusk till Dawn


    ·     Fits pole 4.125”-4.25” in diameter

    ·     Works with tapered flag pole

    BATTERY LIFE: 3-5 Years

    WORKING TIME: Up to 12 hours when fully charged

    APPLICATIONS: Flag Poles, Gardens and Flowerbeds 

    WARRANTY: 1 Year Full Warranty

    Installation Notes:

     Charge the lights for a minimum of 8hrs prior to first use. To charge, place solar lights with solar panel in direct sun.

    1.    Place solar panel in best direction to receive the most light for the longest amount of time

    2.    Be sure to assemble your lighting system in a room temperature environment – This will assist you in not breaking any parts

    3.    Place light mount (male) in receiver (female) of 3-Arm Round Mount, then attach the light to the mount

    4.    If using a Pole Adapter, you may have to cut it to fit as needed. Place Pole adapter directly on flagpole

    5.    Put 3-Arm Round Mount around the Pole Adaptor (If used) and tighten both small screws

    6.    Your light mounts should be installed. Mount your lights and aim them as desired.

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