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Solar LED Radar Speed Sign – EV12
    Solar LED Radar Speed Sign – EV12
    Purchase Solar LED Radar Speed Sign – EV12
    • SKU: CRSP012
      Solar LED Radar Speed Sign – EV12

    • Cloud included
    • $2,499.99

      Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds

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    The LED Solar Powered Radar Speed Sign can be used in parking lots, school zones, on busy streets and more! The radar is simple to install and easy operate. This sign’s bright flashing LED lights and reflective 3M material can be seen from over 2500ft and makes for a great addition for safety pertaining to reducing speed ahead. Sign has a rechargeable battery and mountable solar panel that makes this product energy efficient and easy to use in locations where there in sunlight.


    TYPE: Solar LED Radar Speed Sign – EV12


    POWER SUPPLY: Solar Power (50W)

    BATTERY: 12v 18AH 

    WORKING TIME: After one full charge, 1-5 Days (Depends on usage, battery and sun availability)

    DIMENSIONS: 29"H X 23"W X 5.625'D inches


    ·      LEDs: 460

    ·      Digits: 

    o   224 Yellow (590nm), 30°, 9000-22400 Ev, (Lux)/LED 

    o   224 Red (633nm), 30°, 7100-18000 Ev, (Lux)/LED

    ·      Speed Violator Strobe: 12 White (2700K-6500K0, 150°, Luminous Flux 33lm @ 4000K

    ·      Ambient Light Sensor: 1 sensor and automatic brightness control

    UNIT OF MEASURE: Vehicle speed in MPH or KM/H

    RADAR: 24.125GHz (SS300 Doppler)

    WEIGHT: 20lbs


    ·      1 Year Cloud Connectivity Included

    ·      Lightweight, compact design

    ·      Programmable Speed Violator Flashing Strobe Light

    ·      Ambient Light Sensor

    ·      Adjustable radar speed

    ·      Weather-resistant Construction Box



    ·       What power options are available?

    Ø  All of the radar signs can be made in either Solar Powered or AC Powered and some have the option to be Battery operated. However, the standard is Solar Powered.


    ·       What is the difference between Bluetooth Data Collection vs Cloud Data Collection and why should we be using it?

    Ø  Both have the ability to collect data through the radar sign, however using Bluetooth requires someone to be on site to download and receive all the data through a Microsoft device connection. Whereas with the Cloud, you can remotely download all data directly to your device. The Cloud is an excellent feature when there are many signs placed around the City that require frequent data analyzation or if the sign is placed in an area that is not easily accessible. 


    ·       What data will the sign collect?

    Ø  The sign will collect data regarding the average speed, time of day, number of cars, etc. and will also allow you to easily compare the data through the management system.


    ·       What size sign is recommended?

    Ø  It is recommended that if the speed limit is 40 MPH or under, an 11” or 12” sign is used. If the sign will be placed in an area where the speed limit is between 40-55 MPH, a 15” sign is recommended and if the sign is placed in a 55 MPH or over zone, an 18” sign is recommended.


    ·       At what speed will the sign detect motion?

    Ø  The sign will pick up anything going at 1 MPH and up, however it is recommended that you set the sign to start detecting at 5 MPH, as anything under this will be excessive.


    ·       What is the warranty?

    Ø  The radar signs are covered for up to 2 years; however, the battery is covered for up to 1 year.


    ·       Do the radar signs come with stealth mode?

    Ø  Yes. Every radar sign that we sell comes with stealth mode. This allows you to still collect data when the sign appears to be turned off.


    ·       Do the signs come with mounting brackets?

    Ø  Yes, depending on the sign, they either come with a standard mounting bracket or band brackets to secure the sign to the pole. However, some of the signs can be upgraded to the universal mounting bracket which can be mounted to any pole and allows for easier installation.


    ·       Can I customize the message that populates on the sign?

    Ø  Only the following radar signs come with custom messaging:

    §  CRSV12-FM

    §  CRSV15-FM

    §  CRSV18-FM

    §  CRSV600

    §  CRSV700


    ·       Does every sign have a strobe light?

    Ø  Yes, every sign comes with a strobe light. The strobe speed can be adjusted within the sign’s settings. 


    ·       How can I learn more about the sign and how to operate it?

    Ø  With every purchase of one of the radar signs, you will receive a free webinar to teach you everything you need to know about the sign and how to operate it. 

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