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24" x 48" Speed Limit School Sign with MPH
    24" x 48" Speed Limit School Sign with MPH
    Purchase 24" x 48" Speed Limit School Sign with MPH
    • SKU: SPDS-2448
      24" x 48" Speed Limit School Sign with MPH

    • $1,699.99

      Shipping Weight: 24.00 pounds

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    This sign’s bright flashing LED lights and reflective 3M material can be seen from over 2500ft and makes for a great addition for safety pertaining traffic around school zones. Made with an aluminum alloy board and solar board to MUTCD (R2-1) specifications. Solar Powered Flashing LED Reduced Speed Ahead Sign with MPH can be used to warn drivers about the safety conditions of the upcoming speed change.




    TYPE: Speed Limit School Sign with MPH


    MUTCD CODE: R2-1

    BATTERY POWER: Lithium Battery 7.4V/4400AH

    WORKING TIME: After one full charge, 5-7 consecutive days

    WORKING MODE: 12 Hours Per day or 24 hours per day, flashing or constant optional


    DIMENSIONS: 24” x 48” Rectangle

    LED COLOR: White

    SIGN COLOR: White and Yellow

    MPH AVAILBLE: 15mph, 25mph, 35mph

    BATTERY LIFE SPAN: 3-5 Years

    WORKING TEMPERATURE: -20 to 150 °F 

    WARRANTY: 3 Year Full Warranty


    ·     STANDARD:5W /12V Solar Panel, 7.4V / 4400mAH Battery

    ·     UPGRADED: 8W / 12V Solar Panel, 7.4V / 6600mAH Battery (Longer Battery Life)



    The SPDS-2448 adheres to the MUTCD Standards found within MUTCD Guidelines Section 2A.07 for Retroreflective and Illumination

    o  Illumination of a sign by Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

    o  Sign Element to be Illuminated: (1) Symbol or word message (2) Portions of the Sign border

    o  LED’s are placed within 1 border unit of border and within words

    o  LED’s are the same color as background

    o  LED’s are within ¼” in width

    o  LED’s flashing at a rate of 50 times per minute

    o  Background of sign is standard 3M reflective engineering grade material 


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