LED Solar Power Radar Speed Sign - SP100

LED Solar Power Radar Speed Sign - SP100

Code: CRSP001




Product Description


The SP100 LED Solar Power Radar Speed Sign is a traffic safety sign that posts drive speeds on an LED display board to call attention to the driver to adjust their speed. The sign is made with bright LED lights that will report speed in red LED when over the set speed limit and green for acceptable speed. This radar speed sign is great in high-risk and dangerous driving areas, school zones and countless other places to increase traffic safety. It is becoming very popular for Home Owner Associations (HOA), Industrial areas, Commercial Properties and areas with heavy semi-truck traffic.

Product Specifications:

·          TYPE: Solar LED Radar Speed Sign


·      POWER SUPPLY: solar power (20W or 50W)

·      BATTERY: 12v 18AH (battery warranty 1 year)

·      WORKING TIME: after one full charge, 1-5 Days (Depends on usage, battery and sun availability)

·      DIMENSIONS: 29"H X 23"W X 3.5'D inches

·      DISPLAY: 2 digital spaces with 11" Digits 

·      VISIBLE DISTANCE: up to 300' 

·      UNIT OF MEASURE: vehicle speed in MPH or KM/H

·      RADAR: 24.125GHz (SS300 Doppler)

·      WEIGHT: 20lbs -40lbs (depending on model and accessories)

   -       Auto-adjusting brightness

   -       Programmable Speed Violator Flashing Strobe Light

   -       Ambient Light Sensor

   -       Adjustable radar speed

   -       Weather-resistant Construction

   -       Accuracy: ± 1 MPH (or KM/H

   -       Construction 12-gauge aluminum, flat black powder coated front (reduce glare), light gray powder coated body (Heat Absorption) 

   -       Response time below 5ms

The LED Solar Power Radar Speed Sign can be used in parking lots, school zones, on busy streets and more! This product is solar powered and can be used anywhere there is sunlight. The radar is simple to install and easy operate. Make your community safer with our LED Solar Power Radar Speed Sign today!



·       (1) 20 W solar panel

·       (1) 12V 18AH battery

·       Safe Pace Management Software

·       Bluetooth capable



·      Universal Mounting brackets (Additional Costs)

·      AC Power (Reduces Cost)

·      1-year unlimited cloud access ($400 per sign per year)