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Solar LED Radar Speed Sign - EV11
    Solar LED Radar Speed Sign - EV11
    Purchase Solar LED Radar Speed Sign - EV11
    • SKU: CRSP002
      Solar LED Radar Speed Sign - EV11

    • cloud included
    • $2,499.99

      Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds

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    The LED Solar Powered Radar Speed Sign can be used in parking lots, school zones, on busy streets and more! The radar is simple to install and easy operate. Sign has a rechargeable battery and mountable solar panel that makes this product energy efficient and easy to use in locations where there in sunlight

    Product Specifications:

    TYPE: Solar LED Radar Speed Sign


    POWER SUPPLY: Solar power (20W or 50W)

    BATTERY: 12v 18AH 

    HOUSING MATERIAL: Lightweight Polycarbonate 

    WORKING TIME: after one full charge, 1-5 Days (Depends on usage, battery and sun availability)

    DIMENSIONS: 29"H X 23"W X 5.625'D inches


    ·      LEDs: 208

    ·      Speed Violator Strobes: 12 White (2700K – 6500K), 150°, luminous flux 33lm @ 4000K

    UNIT OF MEASURE: Vehicle speed in MPH or KM/H

    RADAR: 24.125GHz (SS300 Doppler)

    WEIGHT: 20lbs

    ACCURACY: ± 1 MPH (or KM/H



    ·      1 Year Cloud Connectivity Included

    ·      Lightweight, compact design

    ·      Programmable Speed Violator Flashing Strobe Light

    ·      Ambient Light Sensor

    ·      Adjustable radar speed

    ·      Weather-resistant Construction

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