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36" Push Button LED Flashing School Crossing System
    36" Push Button LED Flashing School Crossing System
    Purchase 36" Push Button LED Flashing School Crossing System
    • SKU: CCSH003-36-P
      36" Push Button LED Flashing School Crossing System

    • $5,499.99

      Shipping Weight: 55.00 pounds

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    Illuminate School Crosswalks with Our Advanced CCSH003-36-P Solar LED System!


    Enhance safety in school zones with our wireless LED Solar Traffic Warning System. Designed for maximum visibility, this system activates with a push button, illuminating both sides of the road with bright flashing LED lights.


    Product Specifications:

    • TYPE: 36" Push Button LED Flashing School Crossing System
    • MUTCD: S1-1 School Crossing Sign
    • PRODUCT CODE: CCSH003-36-P
    • SOLAR CHARGING PANEL: 12V, 5W Monocrystalline silicone
    • BATTERY: Lithium battery 7.4V/4400AH
    • WORKING MODE: 12 hours per day or 24 hours per day, flashing or constant lighting optional
    • WORKING TIME: After one full charge, 5-7 consecutive days
    • VISIBLE DISTANCE: >2500 feet
    • IP: 65 (waterproof)
    • LED COLOR RANGE: Yellow/Amber
    • SIGN COLOR: Yellow
      • OPTION: Fluorescent Yellow/Green (only in diamond grade)
    • BATTERY LIFESPAN: 3-5 Years
    • WORKING TEMPERATURE: -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
    • DIMENSIONS: 36” x 36”
    • MUTCD: S1-1

    Reflective Options:

    • 3M Engineer Grade (Standard)
    • Diamond Grade (Added Cost)


    • SIGN QTY (2)
    • CONTROL BOX (2)

    Not Included:


    Key Features:

    1. Push Button Activation:
      • Easy push-button activation for enhanced safety during school hours.
    2. Solar-Powered Efficiency:
      • 12V, 5W Monocrystalline silicone charging panels for sustainable energy.
      • Lithium battery with a 4400AH capacity ensures reliable operation.
    3. Customizable Control:
      • Choose between 12 or 24 hours of operation with flashing or constant lighting options.
    4. High Visibility Options:
      • Yellow/Amber LED color range for standard visibility.
      • Fluorescent Yellow/Green option available in diamond grade for superior visibility.
    5. Durable and Waterproof:
      • IP65 waterproof rating for all-weather performance.
    6. Extended Lifespan:
      • 3-5 years of battery life ensures long-term reliability.
    7. Reflective Options:
      • Choose standard 3M Engineer Grade or upgrade to Diamond Grade for added reflectivity.


    Illuminate the crosswalks and prioritize safety around schools. Order the CCSH003-36-P Solar LED System now and make school zones safer for everyone!


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