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30" Push Button LED Flashing Crosswalk System
    30" Push Button LED Flashing Crosswalk System
    Purchase 30" Push Button LED Flashing Crosswalk System
    • SKU: CCRS002-30-P
      30" Push Button LED Flashing Crosswalk System

    • $4,399.99

      Shipping Weight: 50.00 pounds

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    This wireless LED solar traffic warning system uses only solar powered electricity. With push button activation, this system turns on both sides of the road with motion. It is built with aluminum alloy board and solar board combined together. This crosswalk sign will increase visibility for drivers on the road or in shopping centers with its bright blinking (flashing) LED lights. 


    Product Specifications:

    ·      TYPE: Solar LED Traffic Safety Sign

    ·      MUTCD: W11-2 Pedestrian Crossing Sign

    ·      PRODUCT CODE: CCRS002-30-P

    ·      SOLAR CHARGING PANEL: 12V, 5w Monocrystalline silicone

    ·      LED COLOR RANGE: Yellow

    ·      SIGN COLOR: Engineer grade yellow

    -       Option: Fluorescent Yellow/ Green (only in diamond grade)

    ·      WORKING MODE: Push Button activation (Alternative Option: See: CCRS002-030)

    ·      Wireless radio communication between signs

    ·      WORKING TIME: Stops 60 seconds after push button is activated

    ·      BATTERY: Lithium battery 7.4V/4400AH 

    ·      VISIBLE DISTANCE: >2500 feet

    ·      WORKING TIME: After one full charge, 5-7 consecutive days

    ·      DIMENSIONS: 30-inch Diamond (30"x30")

    -       Packing dimensions: Multi Box Shipment

    ·      BATTERY LIFE SPAN: 3-5 Years

    ·      Solar LED Traffic Safety Sign can be used on streets, in parking lots and more. Since these are solar powered, they can be used anywhere there is sun light. This product is very simple to install and use.

    ·      WARRANTY: 3 Year Full Warranty



    ·     STANDARD:5W /12V Solar Panel, 7.4V / 4400mAH Battery

    ·     UPGRADED: 8W / 12V Solar Panel, 7.4V / 6600mAH Battery (Longer Battery Life)

    The CCRS001 model adheres to the MUTCD standards found within MUTCD guidelines Section 2A.07 for Retro-reflectivity and Illumination


    ·      Illumination of a sign by Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

    ·      Sign Element to be Illuminated: (1) Symbol or word message (2) Portions of the sign border

    ·      LED's are placed within 1 border unit of border and within words

    ·      LED's are yellow/amber in color

    ·      LED's are within 1/4" in width

    ·      LED's flashing at a rate of 50 times per minute

    ·      Background of sign is standard 3M reflective engineering grade material

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