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12" ABS Plastic Flashing Beacon
    12" ABS Plastic Flashing Beacon
    Purchase 12" ABS Plastic Flashing Beacon
    • SKU: CFLBC12
      12" ABS Plastic Flashing Beacon

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    Looking to enhance safety in busy areas? Our 12-inch Solar Powered LED Flashing Beacon is the perfect choice. With its bright red or yellow (amber) LED light, this beacon is visible from over 2500ft away, making it an ideal addition to various locations like school zones, private lots, shopping centers, residential roads, and more.

    Constructed with a durable ABS plastic shell and high-intensity LED flashing lights, this 10-watt blinking light is designed for reliability and longevity. It comes with a rechargeable battery and mountable solar panel, making it energy efficient and easy to use where daily sunlight is available. This beacon offers a hassle-free solution for boosting safety while being environmentally conscious.  

    Product Specifications: 

    • Type: Solar LED Traffic Warning Light
    • Product code: CFLBC12
    • Light: 10W LED
    • Solar Charging Panel: 15W/18V
    • Cover Material: ABS Plastic Shell
    • Color: Yellow (amber) or Red
    • Working Mode: 24/7 or Bluetooth controlled via ‘TT Solar’ Android App (Timer and Dimming Function)
    • Battery: 12V/7200mAH
    • Visible distance: >2500 feet
    • Working Time: After one full charge, 5-7 consecutive days
    • Flashing: 50 times per minutue
    • Battery Life Span: 3-5 Years
    • The Dimensions: 12" diameter round flashing light
    • Compliance: MUTCD Type B High Intensity
    • Control Box Dimensions: 15" x 13.75" x 1.75"
    • Warranty: 18 months
    • Solar LED flashing light can be used on streets, in parking lots, around schools and more. Since these are solar powered they can be used anywhere there is sun light. This product is very simple to install and use.

    The CFLBC12 adheres to the MUTCD standards found within MUTCD guidelines Section 4L.01 for General Design and Operation of Flashing Beacons and 4L.03 for Warning Beacon

    • LED's are a yellow or red color in compliance with warning light colors
    • LED's flash at a rate of 50 times per minute
    • LED flashing lighting time
    • Beacon light is circular in shape


    Q: Should I charge the battery of the beacon before using it, or can I use it immediately after unboxing?

    A: The beacon’s battery requires an initial charge as it is not fully charged upon unboxing.

    Q: What are the steps for the initial charging process?

    A: This is the recommended process for charging the beacon’s battery before its initial use:

    1. Open the front face of the beacon and connect the two red connectors with the red and black wires.

    2. Turn the PCB’s switch to the OFF position.

    3. Press the Manual key/button on the timer until the timer is in OFF mode (the red ON indicator light will be off) and close the front face of the beacon.

    4. Turn the beacon’s outside switch underneath the unit to the OFF position.

    5. Connect the solar panel to the beacon.

    6. Keep the solar panel connected to the beacon and place it in direct sunlight for an entire day when it's sunny.

    7. After charging, turn the PCB’s switch to the ON position; press the Manual key on the timer until it is in the ON mode (the red light will be on); and turn the beacon’s outside switch to the ON position.

    Q: Does the traffic beacon flash continuously for 24 hours a day?

    A: This beacon flashes continuously round the clock (subject to battery charge and limitations).

    Q: What is the duration of each illumination when the light flashes?

    A: The duration of illumination for each flash of this beacon is 0.65 seconds.

    Q: In what colors are these solar powered flashing beacons available?

    A: These beacons are available in yellow and red, which are MUTCD compliant and help with traffic calming and public safety.

    Q: Does the package come with mounting hardware included?

    A: While the beacon's mounting hardware is not included, the solar panel comes with its own mounting hardware, designed to fit poles with a diameter of 2-4 inches.

    Q: What is the process for mounting these beacons?

    A: To mount each blinking beacon, you need to bolt the metal brackets located at the back of the beacon onto your post.

    Q: In what road conditions should a flashing yellow (amber) beacon be utilized?

    A: A flashing yellow beacon, known as a Warning Beacon, is typically used in tandem with cautionary and regulatory signs, with the exception of STOP, DO NOT ENTER, or WRONG WAY signs. Additionally, they are employed at obstacles situated within or in close proximity to a road, and as a means of emphasizing midblock crosswalks.*

    Q: In what road conditions should a flashing red beacon be utilized?

    A: A Stop Beacon, which is a flashing red beacon, is intended to be used in conjunction with a STOP sign, DO NOT ENTER sign, or WRONG WAY sign.*

    * The above use information was obtained from the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) website. For more detailed MUTCD specifications, please visit the website here.

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